5 reasons to LOVE Madison, Wisconsin


  1. Cheese curds: all the good bars around here have them. Hot, fried, served with ranch…who wouldn’t live or die for those warm, gooey, crunchy-on-the-outside Wisconsin delicacies?
  2. The Farmers Market on Saturday mornings: one of the largest in the country, this farmers market extends around the gorgeous capitol building. Farmers selling produce, honey, maple syrup, and flowers come from all over the state to sell you their delicious and incredibly fresh wares. So amazing. This may be my favorite part of the city. Courtesy of: accordingtothemom.blogspot.com

Photo courtesy of: accordingtothemom.blogspot.com

3.  The Terrace: this terrace overlooking Lake Mendota is part of Memorial Union. It features awesome, bright chairs and big pitchers of beer available for purchase. In the summer, bands will play and on certain nights you can come watch movies shown on an outdoor screen. For many of us in Madison, the Terrace is the epitome of summer relaxation.


4.  The Arboretum: as a country girl, I do miss the wide-open spaces of home and the quiet of the countryside. When I’m getting a little stir-crazy, my favorite place to go to chill out is the UW-Madison Arboretum. Forest, prairie, gardens – everything is big and beautiful and natural. The other day I sat out there and a wild turkey came within about 10 feet of me.

5.  The Everything-ness: yeah, so I made up a word. But one of the best things about this city is that it has EVERYTHING. Every kind of person. Every kind of restaurant. Every kind of bar. Tons of nice parks. Lake. City. Sports. Business. College. Churches. Clubs. In my four years here, I have walked to State Street – the street leading up to the capitol building, lined with shops and restaurants – and accidentally walked into: a parade of nude bikers, the annual “undie run” with hundreds of nearly-naked runners raising money for something, a pride parade, a legalize-pot protest, protests against our governor, protests against injustice for immigrants, protests against lack of diversity…the list goes on. I’ve seen someone dressed as a shepherd, someone playing guitar on their head, the best street-bluegrass band I’ve heard, and so much more.

I am going to miss Madison so much when I leave. It’s been a grand four years. Wow.


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