joy joy joy.

Yesterday was filled with unexpected sweet things. I spent the afternoon taking the baby to a local conservatory with tons of tropical plants, waterfalls, little quails on the ground and bright yellow parakeets flying around, flowers and koi fish. It was such a sweet time. Baby just looked around taking in all the sights and … More joy joy joy.

Thursday favorites.

Hello lovely readers! Happy Thursday. This week’s favorites: Perks of Being a Wallflower – the book! I saw the movie a few years ago and really liked it. This week I cracked open the book and so far, I’m obsessed with how the narrator looks at love and people in this pure way that I wish … More Thursday favorites.

babies and stares.

Today I am sitting in Starbucks with a baby in tow for the first time, and it is so funny. Carrying a baby with you apparently is the equivalent to wearing a neon sign on your head telling people to stare at you – especially if you look like you’re in high school. (They tell … More babies and stares.


When I started writing this blog (or, more accurately, actually posting regularly) I had it in my mind that I would stay light and fluffy and anonymous and all that jazz. Not share much about my actual life except things I’ve learned! And my inspiration! And all the good things! Like how we manage our … More Vulnerable.

On sort-of dating, and other things that stress me the f out.

Ok so I have been, until this point in life, pretty much a serial monogamist, if you will. I have been in several quite-serious relationships, and have pretty much not dated at all. Make sense? This basically means that I feel like I’m learning things about dating that most people figure out when they’re, like, 16. And … More On sort-of dating, and other things that stress me the f out.

bright things.

Today I’m feeling a bit uninspired, blue, gloomy, dreary…all those adjectives that mirror the cold, disheartening outside during January in the Midwest. In part I believe it’s the weather and I also tend to get frustrated and claustrophobic when I feel like I’m waiting waiting waiting – on other people to make up their minds, … More bright things.

Thursday favorites.

  Happy Thursday guys! Some favorites this week: Gorgeous dress. Reminds me of the ocean. Funny. This is how we date now. Just ordered this book. I’m having sun withdrawals. Also I have this absurd dream to learn to surf – me, little Midwestern landlocked lady. Sigh. Wanderlust. OBSESSED with this newsletter. The most dangerous … More Thursday favorites.


  Yesterday I began reading a book about leadership and one idea really stuck with me. The author was saying that in any endeavor we begin, it’s important to have an idea in your head of what “success” will look like to you. He says that this is how we can create, rather than react. … More Intention.


There’s that saying that sometimes to find yourself, you have to lose yourself. Have you ever felt that way? Have you ever lost yourself? I think sometimes God puts these huge seasons of change in our lives, and personally this season feels like big growth happened, even bigger things are coming and I am learning … More Lost!