Well hello, 2015. You’re lookin fiiiine.

Well it’s been ages since I posted on this blog but I’m back like the Terminator. (Horrible reference, I know.) The plan is to actually post regularly to this site but I am the queen of short-lived phases so we’ll just play it by ear. I’m 23, commitment makes me run for the nearest airport and fly away to “find myself”. But actually.

Soooo welcome to 2015, The Earth Laughs readers! It’s a new year and I’ve just got a good feeling about this one guys.

Here are some things that happened since the last time I posted:

– I got a job at a rehab for teens addicted to drugs/alcohol, where I worked as direct care staff with teenage girls. LOVED the kids, job was fricken insane. Did this for 1 year and 2 months.

– I crashed hit a deer for the first time, got a speeding ticket for the first time (wearing nothing but a bikini, which is an awkward story for another day), and got into my first and only car accident thus far – all within 4 months of each other. This sucked, royally.

– I broke up with the guy I’d been with for years and years, whom I loved like crazy but was pretty sure I wasn’t in love anymore and wasn’t seeing a future with. This sucked more than I can really put into words.

– I moved to another state for my job.

– I quit my job, moved back to my favorite city in the Midwest, and am now taking a giant life break until this Fall.

Change is afoot, my friends! Cheers.



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