On sort-of dating, and other things that stress me the f out.

Via http://iwastesomuchtime.com/index.php?&page=2
Via http://iwastesomuchtime.com/index.php?&page=2

Ok so I have been, until this point in life, pretty much a serial monogamist, if you will. I have been in several quite-serious relationships, and have pretty much not dated at all. Make sense? This basically means that I feel like I’m learning things about dating that most people figure out when they’re, like, 16. And I’m in my twenties. And it is uncomfortable.

This past week or two, I have been talking to and hanging out with a someone that I find insanely attractive and makes me laugh for hours. Notice I use the words “talking to” and “hanging out with”. Because I have NO IDEA if we have been dating or not! What constitutes a date? If I suggest grabbing a beer and he ends up paying, does that count? If we watch Game of Thrones and then end up kissing, am I a hook-up or does he actually like me? Does anyone know the answer to these questions? Do people in my generation even date now? Is this all some big conspiracy to screw with the minds of young women everywhere?? DO I HAVE AN ANXIETY DISORDER????

See? 16-year-old girl problems. I need to get out more.

I read this article and it hit the dang nail on the head. Couldn’t stop laughing only because this was literally me all freaking weekend.

This shit is exciting and awful all at once. But 2015 is the year of changes for me and I am pushing myself out of my cozy little comfort zone. This counts, I’d say. Hot damn.



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