day tripper.

Today I’m in the mood for an adventure. I’d like to take a moment to praise the unsung hero that is exploring your own state. Or city, if you haven’t done that yet. Here’s the deal. I’ve spent a summer in Mozambique and another summer in China. I’ve played with kids in a tent city … More day tripper.

thursday favorites.

Happy Thursday! I’m excited for some sunshine today even though it’s about 3 degrees out – but at least it’s bright and cheerful inside! Check out this week’s favorites: Gorgeous idea. You don’t complete me. Wildlife bridges! Would you do this experiment? Hello, honey. Loved this book. Brilliant. Drooling. Urban bees! This was delicious on … More thursday favorites.

nanny diaries.

Hello! So. I’m thinking of starting a mini blog series about nannying. Just not sure I have enough content yet, ergo it may not be quite a weekly thing. BUT here’s the first post of NANNY WEDNESDAY! A recap: I am living in Wisconsin and working as a nanny basically full-time until August, when my … More nanny diaries.


“I like what the dancer Martha Graham once said , that each of us is unique and if we didn’t exist something in the world would have been lost. I wonder, then, why we are so quick to conform— and what the world has lost because we have. William Blake said about Jesus that he was ‘all virtue and acted … More truth.


“May I a small house and large garden have; And a few friends, And many books, both true.” ― Abraham Cowley You may have been able to guess from my background and title and whatnot that I love plants. But if you didn’t get that yet…I LOVE PLANTS. There’s something about growing things and the smell of … More plants.

thursday favorites

Hello and happy Thursday! Hope you enjoy today’s favorites. Want: this pillow and this pillow and this rug New scent for the week! Dating as a Christian – love what the author has to say, even if I haven’t really dated Christian guys (I’m working on changing that!) and so can’t quite speak to this issue … More thursday favorites

free spirited.

Never have I ever seen someone describe so completely in writing the exact way I feel. This post made me so happy! “This is for the luscious ladies with restless spirits who can’t stay in one place for long, because our souls are winged, always longing for adventure… We are carefree and sparkly, but our effervescence actually emanates from … More free spirited.

Thursday favorites.

Some more favorites! Happy Thursday. How to be happy. “And I think it so often happens that somebody says “change your life” and you repaint your car rather than re-wire the engine.” This blog. If I get dementia, send me here. Thrift shopping pays off. On getting likes. This book that I just finished. Some books just … More Thursday favorites.


Today is my birthday folks! Twenty-four. Crazy stuff. I can’t decide if it feels older or just young and reckless. Some combo of the two, I think, which fits this time of quarter-life crisis. As my birthday gift to myself, I made a CD (yes, there are still people who do that…) and jammed out … More birthday.

brunch: a history.

This weekend, one of my closest old friends was in town visiting. We grew up together: attended the same teeny catholic school, carpooled and played together, had weird adventures. She once picked me up from my house on horseback. We tried to shower in our swimsuits in a crazy downpour once, only to have the … More brunch: a history.