coziness and surviving the winter.

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Guys. If you haven’t noticed yet, the winter is a major struggle for me. I’m in Wisconsin; winter lasts for like half the year here, and while I adore the changing seasons, by the time February rolls around I tend to find myself deep in a weird mixture of sluggish, stir crazy and a bit depressed and cranky. Sunny days help but during winter, the sunniest days are also usually the days where your nose hairs freeze to your nostrils the moment you exit your house. It’s a glamorous place, people.

SO I’ve compiled a few of my own inspirations this year for staying happy and warm this year (think red wine by the fireplace with a blanket) instead of sinking into major winter blues (think not getting out of bed all day except to eat the entire Nutella jar with a spoon while listening to Sam Smith and moping). And I have also included some AWESOME links on surviving winter! Go crazy, friends. Winter is fun! Well….ok….it’s at least bearable.

  • Hygge: After being inspired by a post (which I CANNOT locate now) about the concept of hygge on this blog (seriously love her blog, btw), I decided to use the inspiration and have a hygge night of my own! I invited my sister over, stopped at World Market for some delicious cozy snacks and wine, lit all of the candles I could find, dug out blankets and mugs of hot cider, and spent the evening with her watching an old movie. What a lovely evening! Totally fun and gave me something to look forward to that week but without requiring much planning or fuss. Perfect for a cold winter’s night!
  • The little things: Speaking of candles, I’ve been incorporating them into my daily routine a little more. You can read before bed – OR you can read before bed surrounded by lovely, flickering candlelight. Also love the idea of lighting a candle in the bathroom during a shower, bath or makeup time.
  • Braving the great outdoors: I’ve made a goal to get outside more often this year – no matter the season! In the blizzard we had the other day, I recruited my trusty sister (read: the only human I could convince) and went for a trudging walk through the gorgeous snow! I’ve hiked the path by the lake in my boots with a friend, slipping and sliding and chatting the whole way. I bundle up the baby on days when it’s above freezing and take him in the stroller for a walk around the neighborhood. Something about being outside just changes your whole day.
  • Get my cook on: I don’t cook very much at all. Don’t have the patience. When I’m hungry I just want to eat something NOW. But this winter, I’ve found that planning some hot, delicious meals has been fun! Being me, the impatient eater, I have been cooking hot wintery foods in large quantities that I can then have for meals throughout the week. Win win, I’d say! The other day, a massive batch of creamy buttery mashed potatoes. Yesterday, this INCREDIBLY turkey chili with kale (an all-time favorite).
  • Books!: I’m taking this winter to read some of those old favorites that I might otherwise not have the time or patience to read. On my shelf waiting I have: Moby Dick, The Innocents Abroad, and Siddhartha.

Here, some other awesome ideas for surviving winter!

Some benefits of winter.

Cool cultural concepts to incorporate.

Weird as heck but made me laugh.

More about hygge.

Winter hacks



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