texting to save a life.

I just learned of this organization and I can’t even wait until tomorrow to post it because I am so jazzed that it exists. It’s called the Crisis Text Line. It’s a texting version of a hotline, geared toward teens in crisis – feeling depressed, anxious, suicidal, dealing with sexual assault, relationship violence, bullying or just the stress of being an adolescent. Teens can text in and get connected with someone who will listen to them vent, offering support, validation and if appropriate, resources or suggestions.

THIS IS SO COOL. If you haven’t read earlier posts, I just came out of a year and some months working in a substance abuse treatment center for adolescents, where we did both addiction treatment and worked with kids on their mental health. Crisis Text Line totally seems like something the kids I know would find accessible and helpful. In a world where there is so much suffering, sometimes all someone really needs is to feel heard and understood. I have seen firsthand the devastation that so many teenagers have witnessed in their lives. This organization fills an amazing role in preventive mental health care.

Read more about it in this article, or visit the Crisis Text Line website for details. SO DANG AWESOME.

Crisis Text Line


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