updates and a sweet newsletter.

By Camdiluv
                                    Photo Credit: Camdiluv

Goooood morning world! A few things:

  • Sorry for the sparse writing last week! There was more going on in my life than usual, including driving my sister 2 hours to the airport at 3:00 in the morning and then heading directly to nanny….which led to feeling exhausted all dang week. Also led to some nice nap and snuggle time with the baby, so it wasn’t all bad!
  • You probably haven’t noticed, but in case you HAVE: I haven’t been posting many photos lately because I’m learning all about the laws of posting other people’s photography on your website and have decided to shift toward my own photography. Problem being that my camera was at my parents’ house and will be arriving later this week. Stay tuned for my mediocre attempts at beautiful original photos!
  • I am exhausted from an amazing weekend with an old friend, so bear with me this week as well.

On a different note, if you are looking for a simple, straightforward and slightly tongue-in-cheek way to stay up on the latest news, I want to share with you my favorite newsletter – the Skimm! You get an email every weekday bright and early and can read it over breakfast or on a short train ride. In general, I can’t stand watching the news on TV because it is so negative and frustrating. For a long time when I was working in a rehab center, everything just hit too close to home. HOWEVER, refusing to partake in knowing what’s happening in the world generally is a stupid idea. And then I heard about Skimm. I signed up (it’s FREE) and I absolutely love it. It allows me to stay on top of things without feeling like I’m sinking into a miry pit of despair. Plus it’s kind of funny… Highly recommended, my friends.

More posting to come!


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