Today is my birthday folks!

Twenty-four. Crazy stuff. I can’t decide if it feels older or just young and reckless. Some combo of the two, I think, which fits this time of quarter-life crisis.

As my birthday gift to myself, I made a CD (yes, there are still people who do that…) and jammed out on my way to work. I wore a fun flowery dress, a flowery headband and flower earrings because IT’S MY DAMN BIRTHDAY. I was late to nannying because I made myself a latte and it was worth it. And I’m really really thankful this year for everything that I did, experienced, went through, and changed while being 23.

I don’t remember feeling this grateful for my life in any other birthday. There is so so SO much to appreciate. My family. Living near my sister aka soul mate again. Feeling like myself again (no more anxiety). Being able to sleep all night without waking up. Having some dear, dear friends even if they’re spread all over the place now. Having developed a bit of toughness. Starting to learn to let loose a teense and learning to be sassy. Good music. Great roommates. New books. Being able to afford healthcare. Living by a Trader Joe’s. Orangina. Brie cheese. Making decisions that work for my life, even if not everyone understands. Face lotion that really works (Hope in a Jar, y’all!). Dear friends getting engaged to men that are actually amazing. New Bible Study starting. Snowboarding lessons next weekend. Stupid jokes. Espresso maker. Flowery dresses. Flowers in general. Amazing memories. Strength. Being able to have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe, who never wavers in his absolute love or his justice or his grace, despite my wandering soul.

Twenty-four seems like a good year. Let’s do this.




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