easiest way to support awesome charities.

Do you use your internet? A lot? Do you find yourself opening tab after tab after tab, probably multitasking too much and you read those studies about how multitasking is bad for the brain but you just can’t stop because you are a busy, important person? Maybe that’s just me…ANYWAY.

If you do open new tabs at the top of your internet browser, I have the absolute easiest way for you to help out and be a citizen of the world who does what they can to support people in need.

It’s called Tab for a Cause. Tab for a Cause is an app that is completely free, which you add on into your browser. It then directs you to the Tab for a Cause home page (which you can customize for yourself!) each time you open a new tab. For every tab you open, a little bit of money is donated to charity. There are several organizations/causes to choose from and you can customize what percentage of your tab money goes to which cause.

I’ve been using this for years and it’s seriously so cool and so simple. It takes a few days to get used to having that home page pop up and after that it’s just part of your routine. Without realizing it, you’re supporting access to clean drinking water in developing countries, education for children or environmental well-being.

For info on how it works, check out their FAQ page. Go to their website to do the very easy installation and get tabbing!


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