saying yes – part 2.

Photo by Lotus Carroll
Photo by Lotus Carroll

Now it has become a little reminder in the back of my head – “say yes”. Try things that push you.Get out of the comfort zone. JUMP. I don’t want to stay small. It’s time to live a big life. It can be so easy for me to be shy, insecure, hiding away and being antisocial because I’m “tired”. I’m 24! Tired is not an excuse!

This past weekend, I practiced being a yes woman.

I was invited to go on a snowboarding trip with some people I knew from before I moved back to Wisconsin. Now:

  1. I didn’t know them super closely – we’d had small group together a few times before my schedule changed and I was unable to go.
  2. They all knew each other very well, had been meeting for small group for years, had grown up together.
  3. I don’t snowboard.
  4. I would be the only unmarried girl on the trip.

Soooo bottom line…something I normally would say, “No, thanks so much but I’m busy”. Except for some reason I decided to be brave.

It was SO MUCH FUN. Those people I barely know? Welcoming, funny, crazy, God-loving, kind and ridiculous people. I’m not sure I have ever spent time with people who made me feel so centered. It was like being around them showed me how to be myself better. And the guy who invited me has this relationship with his wife that inspired me more than I can really explain. This weekend felt like a paradigm shift. It shook me up and when everything settled I knew who I was and what I wanted again.

It’s a lot to attribute to one weekend but I think I’d been so wrapped up in stupid frivolous things and involved with more stupid boys that I didn’t realize there were men out there who were strong AND Christian AND funny AND genuine AND flawed. I had never seen it exist in people my age. I had never watched someone be a free-spirited, loving woman following Jesus and able to crack up at a dirty joke.

Also, I learned to snowboard. By learned, I mean I stood up for a few seconds at a time on a snowboard and then fell over again and again. Every muscle hurts and it’s three days later. It feels great.

Have you ever been doing something and paused and realized, this is one of those moments that you see in movies, where the music is blasting and you’re driving down the open road in a car full of people and watching the highway pass you and it’s perfect? These are the moments we live for. And you’re in it right then, and you know it? I had one of those moments on this trip.

Say yes. Get out of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s time for you to get shook up.


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