sunrise yoga.

Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar
Photo Credit: Vinoth Chandar

Wake up. Hit snooze. Fall asleep. Wake up a second time. Force self out of bed in the dark. Fall over last night’s clothes on the floor. Hate being awake in the dark. Remember why you’re awake in the dark. Throw on leggings and a workout tank. Eat a quick breakfast and cup of tea. Throw hair back. Walk to (absolutely freezing cold) car. Question your entire existence. Drive to pick up your sister. Call your sister after convincing yourself she overslept. Get snapped at by said sister who only slept four hours last night. Question the universe for being so cold and grumpy at this hour. Drive to studio.

And then…

HOT YOGA BLISS. It’s hard at first, your body arguing back as you push it to stretch and bend and open before the sun has even peeked over the horizon. But then you start to sweat, and you start to feel it, and it begins to seem more like dancing than a workout. You surprise yourself by holding that side plank variation the entire time without resting. You surprise yourself even more by walking out of that studio at 7:00 AM feeling absolutely alive. You walk out into the cold and the first thing that hits you is the absolute beauty of the frozen lake in front of you.

This was my first time doing yoga first thing in the morning. What a blessing. It’s four hours later and I have 100% more energy today than I ususally do at this hour – and I didn’t even stop for coffee! Miracle of miracles. I’ll have to try this again.


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