skype interviews and muzak inspiration.

Today I’m feeling worn out and uninspired. I had a full work day yesterday followed by my first shift at a new part-time job. I also had an interview for a volunteer position in Haiti (Skype interviews are the worst!). But I love this blog, so…

A few tips for Skype interviews:

  • Dress like a BOSS. Head to toe. Gets you in the spirit of it.
  • Neutral background. We know you heart Beyonce. Everyone hearts Beyonce. Your future employer does not need to stare at a giant poster of Beyonce’s rockin’ bod during your interview.
  • Set up and practice with a friend first. Self explanatory.
  • Eye contact = stare into the little camera. But look away from time to time. It’s awkward. Just do it.
  • Hands away from hair, face, etc. STOP FIDGETING!
  • You can keep notes by you! This is great! Come prepared! But don’t stare at your notes. Just glance for reminders.
  • Be yourself. It’s hard. I kept talking too much but not really saying anything great. By the end, however, I relaxed and was feeling like it was an actual interview.

And now for all you other uninspired-feeling people, a new-to-me band and some fun music:

Have a lovely day.


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