nanny wednesday (a little late).

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Apologies for no post yesterday. It was a busy day with no time at all to write….because I was spending it hiking with the little one!

The baby I nanny is now 7 months old, and since the weather here has been sunny and 55 (PRAISE JESUS HALLELUJAH) I’ve been taking him to get outside a ton this week. Yesterday I threw the front baby carrier in the car and we headed off to a nearby nature conservancy I’d never been to but someone had mentioned its existence. Turns out it’s an area with a pretty creek and a kind of prairie environment that some people are trying to restore to what it was pre-invasive species, with a cool hill and oak savanna on one side. There was a really long, winding trail that snaked through the whole park area. With baby in the front backpack, we set off!

It was sunny and absolutely gorgeous for a day in March, and I wore my old clunker galoshes because I knew any trails would be a soggy mess (I was right). I at first was wishing there were more “natural” trails – not just the big wide gravel trail – but as we got further and there was almost no one else in sight, I decided that with a baby in tow having a nice, easy path was perfect.

How wonderful to spend an hour in the sunshine and fresh air, and show baby what the world maybe looked like before we all came in and paved over it. Although I’m not gonna lie – kid slept the ENTIRE HIKE. Literally. Something about the rocking motion of walking and being all snuggled in his little fleece bear suit.

If you nanny at all, I highly recommend this if the kid is little enough to be carried or big enough to walk for a bit. I’ve got it in my head that a love and respect for the wilder parts of the world can be planted very early on. What better value to help instill than a desire for adventure and wildness and green and fresh?

Photo from Pheasant Branch Creek Conservancy Google+ Profile
Photo from Pheasant Branch Creek Conservancy Google+ Profile

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