Happy St. Patrick’s Day all!! I had an insanely busy weekend, and my one wish today is SLEEP. So I’m not sure I’ll be joining my fellow Wisconsinites in the consumption of copious amounts of green beer. I might….but I also might just curl up in bed and stay there.

In honor of the day, baby and I did some crafting. Nanny Tip #324: Babies may not enjoy your craft ideas as much as you do. However, if you’re quick and organized you may still accomplish your holiday crafting goals before they get too fussy.

Today, baby and I made this for his mom and dad. 11034224_10206274655293413_7088599326874321609_nI thought of it last week and figured they’d love it. And mistakenly thought baby would like squishing his toes around in paint. In reality, every time I set his foot on the paint sponge he made the funniest growling noise and then curled his foot up real small. Guess paint is not a texture he enjoys yet. Maybe if I’d let him eat it…but alas, I am a mean nanny who doesn’t allow her charges to consume paint.

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, here are my instructions:

1) Get some washable, non-toxic paint. Cover a sponge in the paint (you don’t want it too thick). I put the sponge in a tupperware bowl to be as un-messy as possible.

2)  Secure your paper in some way. Tape works, although I just used paper from a sketchbook and didn’t rip it out until after we’d done the stamping. I put the sketchbook on top of a dark towel as well.

3) Have paper towel ready. I suggest having baby in just a diaper and wearing clothes you’re ok with getting paint on. And find the place that will be easiest to clean up if paint gets on something (e.g. stay away from rugs, furniture, etc.).

4) Hold baby – either just in your arms or in your lap – and press her foot into the paint. Then, have her stand (with your help) on the page where you want her footprint. If she is not feelin the activity, your footprints will be flawed. She’s a baby, she’s not Picasso.

5) Do one foot at a time if you’ll be using both feet. If that’s the case, wipe first foot thoroughly after you’re done with it, because babies wiggle and don’t stand well on one leg! Shocker, I know.

6) When you’re done, let it dry and maybe have a quick bathtime! I had all our “tubby” supplies ready and waiting, and baby loooooves splashing around in the water so I think it made up for the apparent trauma of sticking feet into paint.

Hope you’re enjoying your day and have some debauchery planned for the night!


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