Some awesome bff photo ideas - from Buzzfeed. Photo credit:
Some awesome bff photo ideas – from Buzzfeed. Photo credit:

First of all, can I just say HOLY CRAP THE STOMACH FLU SUCKS. Spent Thursday night and most of Friday bent over the trash can, feeling like death. So. Now you have too much information, and you’re so welcome.

In the process of sitting around trying to recover for like four days, I got to thinking about the incredible women I am so blessed to live with. That I live with them at all is totally serendipitous – or just God being cool, like he does. I was in town visiting my sister one day a few months back, bemoaning the fact that I didn’t have enough money saved up to quit my job and move across the country, but didn’t think I wanted to remain at the job I was currently in. Out of the blue the thought came to me: what if I moved back to Madison for a little while and just worked some random jobs to save up? Being me, I said this out loud. I had literally just thought of this idea, a sort of compromise with myself.

And my sister goes, “That’s so weird. My friend just told me yesterday that she’s studying abroad and can’t find a subletter, so she’s just going to have to pay the rent. I bet she’d be willing to rent to you for cheap.”

Fast forward two months and there I was! You can see why I’m saying the fact that I live with these girls at all is just kind of crazy. And that crazy coincidence is completely, 100% God putting me in a situation to grow and bless me. I don’t know why, because I don’t deserve such awesome love. But I guess that’s who He is.

I expected these girls, being still in college and younger than me, to just be people I lived with. Instead I am finding friends in them both, as well as incredible models for how to be independent, fun, goofy women. One of my roomies is a really vibrant, outgoing lady who speaks the truth, no BS, and who seems to be friends with almost everyone. She calls things like she sees them but is encouraging to the max, and always invites anyone she’s with to adventure with her. From her, I am learning how to not be so afraid of being myself, sharing my opinions, and setting my standards for people (read: men) a bit higher. She doesn’t dwell on all of these little worries like I do; she just looks at the options, makes the best decision available and then goes with it. And that is HUGE to me. She is teaching me so much, and she has no idea.

My other roommate is quieter, but seriously witty and hilarious, and always crazy thoughtful. She got me ice cubes to suck on when I couldn’t keep anything down this weekend, and worked super hard to smash them into ice chips for me so they were small enough. She loves wine and dancing and I love her sassy ways. She too is teaching me to be more comfortable in my own skin, just taking life as it comes. When I was really nervous about an interview, she said to me, “You know, I always just think that people like people. People love people. Be yourself, be human, and just remember that.” Which is so simple and so wise and now I will remember it forever.

Bottom line of this ode to the ladies I live with is that I am so thankful for them and in them have found unexpected joy. Here’s to the people that come into our lives for a reason, when we least expect it.


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