It is amazing how removed from the events of the world I feel. And how guilty that makes me. Although, is it a sin to feel safe and happy when others are dying? Or is that the goal for all the cities or countries that aren’t in the midst of terror and civil war?

I think it’s somewhere in the middle. I firmly believe that “from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded” (Luke 12:48). We are able to feel safe, content, at ease. This is a blessing to be wildly thankful for. A joy, a gift given. It is not an excuse for ignorance. I’m not trying to be heavy or be a downer. It’s just the fact of the world, and specifically the world right now. Living under a rock is not only incredibly disrespectful to our global brothers and sisters, it’s dangerous. And in America we LOVE our rocks. They’re glittery here. They look like TVs and Kardashians, iPhones and clubs and Tinder, ambitious jobs and Homeowners’ Associations.

Trust me, I’m condemning myself as much as anyone right now. I read the news today and started thinking how surreal and even fake it all sounded. I read an article in Elle about a woman who leads a newspaper in Syria, trying to share truth and information to her countrywomen and men. Her brother was dragged away in the night. Several of her reporters have been killed, because they work for her paper. She embodies bravery and strength and compassion and ferocity, and here I can count on one hand the number of hours I’ve spent thinking about what’s going on in Syria.

Things are happening, in our own streets and around the world. If each person in this country decided to do ONE thing to help – someone, anyone – how much could be accomplished?

And what if we all stopped settling at that? What if we actually decided to give something meaningful every ounce of our talent? How many people are using their gifts to their utmost capability?

What would that even look like?


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