love letter.

Photo credit: Oscar E.
Photo credit: Oscar E.

Breathe. It’s okay. 

These are the words God has been whispering into my ear the past few weeks. Stop striving. Stop worrying. Be at peace. I’ve got this. 

God is so good to me, and I fall so short of deserving that goodness. That’s the whole point of grace though. He loves me for me, unlike anyone else can. He’s crazy about me because He’s the artist and the essence of love. Way too cool.

Often my perfectionist personality sees this grace and is like – “Hey, I get it that You’re giving this because of Your unending love…but at least let me try to live up to it.” Which leads me to all kinds of anxiety and insecurity and guilt. Totally God’s intention for my life, right?

I’m realizing that’s a lie. He asks me to love Him, know Him, listen for His will and be daring enough to ask for His strength to follow that path. I just need to trust. Breathe. It’s okay. He’s got this.

I’m cooking up a plan to potentially start following my dream (calling?) of starting/leading a non-profit. The first steps are just an idea right now, and they’re baby steps at that. But even those seem huge and daunting. The thought fills me with energy and passion and excitement, and also worry and anxiety.

But every time I feel mysefl going to that fearful place, I hear a little whisper…

Don’t worry. I’ve got this. If I call you to it I will accomplish it with my power, in my time and so that my love can be spread to my children who need it. Stop striving and follow me. 


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