twenty one.

My baby sister turned 21 today! And in honor of this momentous day, I will commemorate this year’s birthday gifts given by yours truly. Because I am proud of them. I Pinterested hard.


So. Made an alcoholic bouquet by taping a bunch of minis to some wooden sticks, adding fake flowers and beef sticks, and putting these all in a sassy cup filled partway with sand. By the way, cup says “I’m outdoorsy in that I get drunk on patios”. Not that I’m advocating drunkenness but it’s a freakin funny cup.

AND THEN. I found these little glass globes at World Market for like $5. I took one of my succulent babies and a little bit of soil and voila! Such a fun gift, and easy and cheap at that! Love it.

My sissy had been asking me if she could try to propagate a succulent from a leaf of one of mine, because she wanted one. So I thought this would be the perfect gift!

Here’s to my sister, my best friend and my original partner in crime!


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