love advice.

At Bible study this week, one of the women had a prayer request that kind of knocked my socks off.

She asked us to pray for her and her husband, as they had been talking and realizing that they had come to depend way too much on each other for their emotional and spiritual needs, instead of depending on God. Her husband travels during the week for work, so they have a lot of time apart. They’ve noticed that when they are together, they’re putting all of their need for value, self-esteem, self-worth, calming of worries and insecurities on each other. And they say they should be getting those needs met by their Father.

This prayer request just blew me away. How brave and vulnerable to share. How revolutionary to consider. That “needing” each other too much might actually be harming their marriage. That they’ve started taking God out from the center of their relationship and that this might be tilting the balance too much.

I just think this is so counter-culture and so amazing and so TRUE. It was such a good jolt to my little people-pleasing brain. Validation and attention is my idol, especially from a guy I’m interested in. And I’ve recently started dating, which has been (sadly) sending me into this emotion rollercoaster. I’ve been putting too many of my emotional needs in the hands of someone who can’t possibly meet them – nor SHOULD he.

Time to re-center around my Father, my Provider, the only one who can fill these holes in my soul.


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