night driving.

Photo Credit: Andy Price
Photo Credit: Andy Price

Roll those windows all the way down, love. Don’t be ashamed of that tug inside your heart that beckons you to run. Feel the freedom in your veins. Feel the wind whip your hair and don’t be afraid to love it. Turn that dial all the way up and sing, really sing, like the world hasn’t taken your spirit and bashed it around and tried to silence it. You are not silenced. You are not broken. You are cracked and you are beautiful and you are alive. Don’t be afraid to feel it.

And you rush down that highway and into the hills and it seems like another life because for no reason at all you are electricity tonight. You feel your power tingling through the delicate branches of your veins and wonder if you reached for someone’s hand whether you would leave red welts from the heat. There are sparks in your eyes tonight. The wheels keep turning and you get further and further from what you know. You are the wind. You are the music. You are bold and you are gorgeous and you are whole. The crazy cosmic blanket above you seems to call down to you, reminding you of the time before you became cells and organs and heartache and papercuts. Reminding you that the dust that created you came from above. You have stars in your bones and earth under your fingernails and it is good.

The freedom is heady. Refuse to give it up. You decide to surround yourself only with those who hear your music and dance. This is real. Race across this country and find souls that smell like roses before a storm, that hear the thunder in your chest and match it with their lightning. Remember who you are and feel yourself stretch. You are cracked and you are beautiful and you are alive. Don’t be afraid to feel it.


One thought on “night driving.

  1. As I am editing my debut novel More Than You Think You Know this resonates so strongly with me. My protagonist drives and drives to run away, ala Celine Dion “I drove all night.” I’ve felt this wildness and I appreciate your commemoration of it!


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