thursday favorites.


Oh wow this week has me all messed up – I forgot it was actually Thursday! Hope you’ve been having a great week and hopefully enjoying some sun! Baby and I just got back from a day at a “splash pad” – more about that tomorrow. And now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for….this week’s favorites!

  • This primer has been such a subtle but awesome help! Got it in the “Blur + Redness Control” shade and it’s truly effective at helping dull redness and keep my makeup looking smoother and more effortless. Love.
  • Could be my new manifesto. Inappropriate to secretly forward to all eligible men in my life? TBD.
  • So intrigued by this brand of baby food – and so far baby has loved this (lavender!!), this and this! Yay for variety.
  • Want! So summery.
  • Drooling over these in bloom everywhere I turn.
  • Obsessed with Vinho Verde! I adore this one.
  • Love this daydream-y post.
  •  Optimal caffeine infusion. 
  • While we’re on that topic, a customer taught me how to use one of these yesterday. His instructions: put a teaspoon or two of coffee grinds into it, heat it near boiling for about five minutes, then pour into a cup and sip. Straining is optional and he said he skips it, since the grinds mostly settle to the bottom and “it gives you a little something to chew”. Follow your heart, folks.
  • Did I already post about this? Because OH MY GOSH NEW FAVORITE HYDRATING SUBSTANCE. It’s weird I know, and I don’t know that there are a ton of extra health benefits or anything. But I really struggle to make myself drink enough water and the light, yummy hint of flavor in this has me gulping 32 oz down without blinking. And also IT CAME FROM A TREE. There’s something magical about that.
  • Throwback! Stuck in my head because there’s a certain someone who just walked on the scene of my life and he doesn’t mind that I’m a weird crazy, reminding me of this song. Which consequently has now been on a mental repeat loop since I remembered it.
  • Dying to go back. Heaven on earth.

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