This morning I woke with a heavy heart and a head full of grey. There wasn’t one reason; there is nothing wrong in my life. I’m sure you have those days too, when your heart matches the cloudy sky and the moment your feet hit the floor you are confronted with your inadequacies, insecurities and … More free.

must read.

I absolutely love this post. It explains so much. I really needed that. The past is a powerful pursuer, even after you were sure you let it go. Sometimes it doesn’t let you go. Particularly when you haven’t forgiven yourself for being the one that broke his heart.

the itch.

It’s happening again. I’m getting that itch. I thought I had banished it for a good while but alas, once you’ve done it once it’s so hard to stop. I’m talking travel, people. It’s that yearning, that mental equivalent to the feeling you get when you were curled up sleeping in the passenger seat of … More the itch.

thursday favorites.

ON FRIDAY AGAIN. I’d apologize but I’m trying to stop apologizing for everything all the time (like that time I apologized when a lady called me and it was the wrong number…so sorry for not being Richard! Oh my gosh…) so yep. Here are this week’s favorites! Have a lovely Friday. My pretty little composting … More thursday favorites.


Have you ever been part of a CSA? I signed up suuuper late but was still able to do it and I couldn’t be more excited! I got my first box last Thursday and I’m in love. If you’ve never heard of a CSA, it stands for Community Shared Agriculture. You (usually) sign up for … More vegetables.

to do.

To Do List Become this woman. Okay that’s just shy of realistic. Become myself, and look to her (gorgeous, artsy, bohemian, ahhhh?) life for inspiration. Learn to make interesting and slightly cheeky/hipster popsicles. Pinot Noir Blackberry, anyone? Perhaps you’d prefer Pink Grapefruit and Rosemary? This could be my thing. You know how your aunt always had that … More to do.


This month I’ve been turning ever more granola. One of my newest experiments in hippie-ness is….drum roll please….washing my face with honey. What? Yep. It’s called honey cleansing and one day as I went down the Pinterest rabbit hole I stumbled across this method. I tried oil cleansing last year and although I liked how … More honey.