This month I’ve been turning ever more granola. One of my newest experiments in hippie-ness is….drum roll please….washing my face with honey.


Photo Credit: bionicgrrrl
Photo Credit: bionicgrrrl

Yep. It’s called honey cleansing and one day as I went down the Pinterest rabbit hole I stumbled across this method. I tried oil cleansing last year and although I liked how my skin felt, I was using coconut oil and it eventually made me break out on my cheeks. I went back to using an acne scrub. This summer, I’ve been breaking out again on my cheeks and absolutely hating my (very expensive) foundation. My skin has been too dry, with big pores and red spots that I have to cover and oily by the end of the day.

Time for a change! Or several.

I’m using raw honey, the most unfiltered kind I could afford at Whole Foods. I tasted it. It’s amazing. But I didn’t buy it for my tea. Every morning and every night, I dab my face with water so it’s just damp. I then spread on a little bit of raw honey and massage it around. It doesn’t go on sticky if your face is damp, it’s more like a sort of face-wash texture. I let it sit for a minute and then wipe off with a warm washcloth.

At night, before I “honey cleanse”, I first wipe off my makeup with coconut oil and a warm washcloth. Honey will clean your skin but it doesn’t take off makeup, hence the all-natural makeup removing.

So far it’s been amazing! I didn’t think I’d like it this much. My first impression was that after doing this, my skin felt clean and hydrated but there was absolutely no redness or irritation. Usually when I wash my face, there are spots that are a little pink and I need to moisturize right away.

Another switch I’ve made has been using plain old pure Argan Oil as my moisturizer. I spread a few drops on after “washing” my face and voila!

I swear that I haven’t felt like I needed that heavy foundation since I started doing this, and I really struggle with uneven skin tone and redness. This week I’ve hardly felt the need to wear makeup at all, that’s how healthy my skin looks! However, it’s only been a few days so the experiment has just begun!

Have you ever tried honey cleansing, or any other all-natural method besides soap and water?


One thought on “honey.

  1. Honey is such a great, all-natural acne cure that doesn’t dry your face out. It keeps your oils balanced while killing surface bacteria. It is nature’s miracle!


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