twenty one.

My baby sister turned 21 today! And in honor of this momentous day, I will commemorate this year’s birthday gifts given by yours truly. Because I am proud of them. I Pinterested hard. So. Made an alcoholic bouquet by taping a bunch of minis to some wooden sticks, adding fake flowers and beef sticks, and … More twenty one.

love letter.

Breathe. It’s okay.  These are the words God has been whispering into my ear the past few weeks. Stop striving. Stop worrying. Be at peace. I’ve got this.  God is so good to me, and I fall so short of deserving that goodness. That’s the whole point of grace though. He loves me for me, unlike anyone … More love letter.


It is amazing how removed from the events of the world I feel. And how guilty that makes me. Although, is it a sin to feel safe and happy when others are dying? Or is that the goal for all the cities or countries that aren’t in the midst of terror and civil war? I … More aware.


I used to debate wearing the colorful string bracelets I had stacked on my wrist. “Friendship bracelets.” For awhile after I quit my job, and all of its associated crises and elevated cortisol levels, these simple strings encircled my wrists like fetters. I wanted to cut them off sometimes. I couldn’t. Because when I wasn’t … More brevity.

thursday favorites.

Happy Thursday and happy April! Here are this week’s favorites: For the wanderers. Some bomb dot com people doing some amazing work. An argument for spring cleaning. Chivalry is…different. Can we just make Mindy president and get it over with? Cracking up.  Some lovely advice. Way cool for a window. Did I already post this? … More thursday favorites.


First of all, can I just say HOLY CRAP THE STOMACH FLU SUCKS. Spent Thursday night and most of Friday bent over the trash can, feeling like death. So. Now you have too much information, and you’re so welcome. In the process of sitting around trying to recover for like four days, I got to … More thankful.

thursday favorites.

Today I have off of nannying and as absolutely in love as I am with my nanny-baby, I am completely psyched for two completely empty, wide open days. So here’re this week’s favorites, written with a spirit of crazy energy and ahhhhhhh! To do. Road trip. Cracking up.  For lazy people like me. Teachers are … More thursday favorites.


If you aren’t already a fan of Judah and the Lion…you should be. These music videos make me smile. Also give a listen to Twenty-Somethings, because helloooo relatable. Saw these guys in concert last night as the openers for someone else and I think I actually have to say that they were my favorite part … More listen.


My cousin wrote this on her Instagram and I love it. “Today was a day of sitting in the car giving myself a pep talk and biting my nails while I stared at the lineup. Then finally agreeing that my fear of failing in the process of learning to surf wouldn’t be a factor anymore. … More inspiration.

late night writing.

Do they understand? Do they see the way that her eyes absorb their colors, their sounds, their essence? Do they notice the moments in between the minutes when she is there, picking up the pieces of their lives and mopping up their tears and holding fast their trembling hands? When she wakes, she is sunlight. … More late night writing.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day all!! I had an insanely busy weekend, and my one wish today is SLEEP. So I’m not sure I’ll be joining my fellow Wisconsinites in the consumption of copious amounts of green beer. I might….but I also might just curl up in bed and stay there. In honor of the day, … More crafty.


Two quotes for the day: 1) Found online: “The moment that you feel that, just possibly, you’re walking down the street naked, exposing too much of your heart and your mind and what exists on the inside, showing too much of yourself. That’s the moment you may be starting to get it right.”   – … More quotes.

thursday favorites.

Happy happy Thursday! This week’s favorites for yoooou: Travel inspiration. Old people being cool.  Spring cleaning. Thanks mom.  The struggle is real. This is HAPPENING and I am psyched. ROAD TRIP Y’ALL THEY’RE MY FAVORITE. Inspiring song and some truth. Lunchspiration.  Pretty. All time fave chili recipe. Can’t wait to try this. Road trip inspiration … More thursday favorites.