fear nothing.

Crazy storm this weekend in the Midwest! And guess how I spent it? HIBERNATING IN MY DANG APARTMENT. Boy was it wonderful. My roommates were out of town and I sat, watched the snow swirling outside, curled up with some snacks and read the day away.

I read this book, and loved it. Great for escaping from the cold for a minute and just in general for your average 20-something in the middle of knowing absolutely nothing about where she’s heading.

There was a concept that I absolutely adored:

“Understand as much as possible about your surroundings, and fear nothing.”

The idea was in reference to the two “rules” of surfing that one of the author’s mentors used, but I feel like it has so much applicability to life in general. It is a concise summation of the path to success.

And I am incorporating it into my 2015 goals/life philosophies! I’ve always loved the quote “Fortune favors the brave”. This is kind of like that, but I resonate with this idea of watching and learning and understanding. Especially if you’re starting something new, or beginning a brand new job, or something like that. Understand as much as you possibly can and go boldly. It can be so easy to hide in the coziness of our comfort zones, remaining adequate but never pushing ourselves to our best, our most alive. Let’s change that this year.


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